Crystal Palace Vs Watford: Match Review

May 28, 2013   //   by markus   //   News  //  Comments Off

Congratulations to Crystal palace who achieved the 1-0 win against Watford that won them the play-off final and secured their place in the premier league for next season.

On the day the better team won but I was very disappointed at Watford and the effort they put in and you could see what team wanted it more. Since their first team consist’s of so many players on loan I think that some know that they would not be playing for Watford next season and therefore they wouldn’t be playing in the premiership next season if they had won which I think was the difference mentally because the crystal palace team all know they’ve got a chance of playing in the premiership  next season.

One man that stood out yesterday was Wilfred Zaha who had an amazing performance and was a great influence for his team and deservingly was awarded man of the match. He also won the penalty that was clear as he skipped pass the defender and I pretty much got his team into the premiership. But he is on loan and will have to return to Manchester United where David Moyes will try to get the best out of the England U21. But there are talks that he could return to Palace on loan but I’m sure Moyes will want such a talented player in his team.

On the day the better team won and deservingly will be in the Premiership next season where Ian Holloway will have another crack at trying to keep his team up after coming up as he failed at Blackpool.


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