Champions League: Who Will Reach the Final?

Feb 15, 2013   //   by markus   //   News  //  Comments Off

After the first four games of the champions league were played this week we got an insight this week of who could potentially reach the final.

First of Barcelona are our firm favourites to reach the final as they have the status of being the best team in the world but this competition has shown that this competition can be unpredictable as was shown last year when Chelsea beat the likes of Barca and Bayern undeserving  based on possession and shots on target but this year some new challengers have emerged in Juventus who I personally think can go the whole way who are sitting first in their league and have a 3-0 advantage over their opponents Celtic. But I have been impressed with Juventus’ Passing play and how well they have the balance between defending and attacking.

Also as this looks like the last year for Jose Mourinho and he would love to pick up this trophy but he faces a tough challenge by going to old Trafford with a 1-1 score line. The game could go either way obviously real will be Favourites but united have shown that they can defend well against this team and make some very good opportunities.

We think it will be a Juventus Vs Barcelona Final just like the Euros Spain Vs Italy.


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