3 of the most most rewarding bets

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lotto winner getting ferrari
Some bets are more rewarding than others. 1 bet a day has been looking at all legal betting opportunities and here we discuss the risk and reward for a number of betting opportunities.

1. Grand National
The yearly prestigious horse event, Grand National, is without doubt a very rewarding event for those in the know. The winning horse this year was Pineau De Re with jockey Leighton Aspell. The odds was 25-1 for the winning horse, not bad. If betting £20 you would get £500 back if putting Pineau De Re as the winner. More info about the races and the rewarding journey can be found in the winners interview at BBC.

2. Spread betting
Another potentially highly rewarding type of betting include spread betting. Spread betting allows you to trade on price movements of shares, commodities, currencies, elections, sport or hot news events. There are few limits what you can bet on and you can partly decide the risk yourself.

3. Euromillions
One of the least likely to win but at the same time most rewarding IF you win is EuroMillions. As the name reveals, you can win millions of € – Euros – if getting all the numbers correct. The jackpot for next week is £17 million since it is a rollover. A few weeks ago, Neil Trotter hit the jackpot. He won £107.9 millions in – you guessed it – EuroMillions. More about this joyful story can be found at TheGuardian.

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